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11 December 2012 Verbier

By Roddy Willis on 12-Dec-12 06:47 | Tags: ,
Snowy news from Verbier - Beyond bottlomless and more.....

Verbier Early Season Snow

By Roddy Willis on 02-Sep-12 17:51 | Tags: ,,
More signs the 'Big One' is coming...


By Roddy Willis on 01-Sep-12 15:58 | Tags:
According to the Farmers’ Almanac Spiders can be great predictors of winter weather. Spiders spinning larger than usual cobwebs and/ or entering the house in great numbers may mean a rough winter ahead’ Time will tell but take a look at this years’ fine specimens……

Snow Spiders

By Roddy Willis on 15-Sep-11 16:28 | Tags:
Spiders are the true talisman of the mega dump...

Verbier Snow Report 25 January 2011

By Roddy Willis on 25-Jan-11 12:53 | Tags:
To everyone's great relief it's got much colder again...

Another Nearly Daily Verbier Weather & Snow Report

By Roddy Willis on 13-Dec-10 23:06 | Tags:
Yes another perfect day in paradise – Well someone has to live the dream...

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