A change is as good as a rest

Posted by Roddy Willis on 01 January 1970

Telemark Turn Sequence

 ‘Well, I gave my mind a thorough rest by plunging into a chemical analysis. One of our greatest statesmen has said that a change of work is the best rest. So it is.’ A. Conan Doyle in Lippincott's Monthly Magazine 1890

In past seasons I might have spent my precious days off getting up late, hanging around watching the ski racing or generally not doing much in a bid to have a rest. Often resulting in not really feeling that rested and a little frustrated with wasting time, lift ticket, sunshine and everything else that springs to mind right now.

So recently I have plunged myself into Telemark skiing which I cannot say has actually freed my mind, but it is interesting how learning to do something new can actually be more refreshing than lazing around at home all day in the belief that I will be refreshed from doing nothing.

The result of my endeavours,which have kindly been record by Julian Griffiths of European Snowsport, can be seen above. The sequence may not show a technically perfect turn but I am pleased with my progress and I have now passed a telemark instructor qualification with Swiss Snowsports.